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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fraternity?

A fraternity is a group of people sharing common professions or interests. Fraternities differ in size and style and are seen far and wide across the country on a variety of campuses. Many are represented nationally and are comprised of multiple chapters located each at their own respective institutions. Each fraternity is bound by its own unique set of policies and ideals and expect their brothers to uphold and maintain them.

What is rush and how does it work?

Rush is a period of time utilized by Greek Life organizations to actively recruit or “rush” potential new members. During rush, most potential new members are recruited for the academic year and are extended invitations to join in active membership. Interested students are encouraged to speak with recruitment representatives of respective organizations, pass along contact information, and attend rush events to meet brothers and gain further knowledge about each fraternity and their respective histories and interests.

What is pledging?

Pledging is the act of accepting a formal invitation or "bid" given to a potential new member by a fraternity and agreeing to enter that fraternity's pledgeship process.  In pledging a potential new member is stating that they agree with and seek to align with that organization's respective ideals and interests.

How will this help me spiritually?

We are a brotherhood of believers devoted to Christ and to one another.  The close-knit bonds of brotherhood we share are strong and lasting and we strive to hold one another accountable to our faith to life each other up with conviction and earnest. In this brotherhood, we challenge one another daily in our walk with Christ and share in the joys of God and what He is doing through this fraternity.  We fellowship with one another and take on another's burdens as we are called to do and support one another in order to make disciples of Christian men to better equip them to share the Gos

How much does it cost?

Each of our chapters have different costs so feel free to contact a specific chapter you are looking at to get more details; however, we try to ensure that we are one of the most affordable chapters at the campuses that we are located at so that costs do not turn potential new members away.  For you to better understand, many of our brothers pay for their own dues out of pocket through part-time jobs.

What is the time commitment?

Time commitment is something that can change dependent upon how active you get into the fraternity.  We only require our new members to go to their new member education meetings, study hours, volunteer hours, and to our bible studies.  These few requirements only add up to a few hours a week.  However, we have date parties, mixers, formals, philanthropy events, brotherhood events, greek life events, and tailgates that are optional, but are great events to experience and get the full experience of greek life.

Does the fraternity haze?

Absolutely NOT. Some fraternities use hazing to ensure that their members have a common ground and to build their members into who they want their members to be. Our fraternity is NOT built upon forcing our brothers or future brothers into actions that they do not feel comfortable with to become part of the group. We find that our brothers get closer from the shared common ground of Christ, through holding one another accountable in our every day lives, and through the shared time that we spend with each other in our four years at our university and throughout the rest of our lives.

Will this affect my academics?

Our fraternity prides ourselves on our academics. As 1 Corinthians 10:31 states, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."  We take this scripture to heart and include it into our mindset of academics as well. We are constantly striving for better grades each semester.  This mindset we have incorporated into our fraternity has brought us to having one of the top average GPAs among other fraternities.  Nationally, our average GPA is at a 3.15, but are always setting goals for higher.  In our pledgeship, we require our new members to participate in weekly study hours to ensure that they are being held accountable throughout their transition into college.

Is there alcohol in the fraternity?

Lambda Sigma Phi is a dry fraternity.  Not only are our fraternity houses dry, but our events are dry as well.  As is the law, the use of alcohol by underage members is prohibited. Brothers who are of age to drink, we ask that they drink in moderation. 


Greek Vocabulary

Active - a person who has been initiated into lifelong membership in a Greek organization.
Alumni - the plural form of graduated members of a fraternity. Alumni often support chapter activities through donations, assistance with advising, employment of undergraduates, etc.
Bid - an invitation to become a member of a fraternity or sorority.
Big Brother - an initiated member of an organization paired with an uninitiated member to help them through the member education period.
Brother - an initiated member of a fraternity. It is used as a term of address when an initiated member refers to another member.
Chapter - a branch of a fraternity, established at a campus. Each chapter has their own name, usually designated by Greek Letters.
Chapter Advisor - an alumna who establishes and maintains a close advisory relationship with a chapter and serves as a teacher, counselor and friend.
Chapter Meeting - a weekly meeting held to discuss organization business.
Colony - a newly-organized group of initiates already established on campus, working toward becoming a chapter of a fraternity or sorority.
Crest - an insignia used by a sorority and fraternity.
Dues - the amount a member must pay per semester/quarter. It is used to cover the costs of operation, formal events and other activities.
Expansion - when an organization is looking to establish a chapter at another campus.
Faculty Advisor - a faculty member who is the GLO's (Greek Letter Organization) representative to the university and who advises the organization on university matters.
Family - composed of multiple generations of big/little sisters/brothers brought together to form a lineage.
Founder's Day - an event celebrated by Greek organizations to highlight the founding of their organization and celebrate its history.
Fratnickname for a fraternity that is generally offensive and should not be used.
Fraternity - a Greek organization for men. Many co-ed organizations and sororities are officially named fraternities as well.
GreeksMembers of a fraternity or sorority. (The term Greek is used because a majority of fraternities and sororities use Greek letters to distinguish themselves.)
House - the residence and an informal reference to an individual's Greek organization.
InitiateSomeone who has gone through a Greek organization's initiation ceremony.
Initiation - a formal ceremony in which an individual becomes a full member of a Greek organization. (Initiation ceremonies are private and different for all organizations.)
Rushee (Potential New Member [PNM]) - a person who is going through recruitment to join a Greek organization.
Interest Group (IG) - a group of individuals on campus that intend to establish a chapter of a Greek Letter Organization. (Common term used in expansion process.)
Interfraternity Council (IFC) - the governing council for men's fraternities, including all local men's groups, whose national organizations belong to the North-American Interfraternity Conference. The Council negotiates disputes between chapters, sets general guidelines for its member chapters, and organizes Greek events, like Greek Week.
Legacy - someone whose mother/father, sister/brother is a member of a particular Greek Letter Organization.
Little - a nickname for a pledge the Big mentors. (This term is continued in use if the pledge becomes a member.)
Mascot - a symbol, usually an animal, chosen to represent a Greek Letter Organization.
Mixer - a function between two or more organizations. (I.e. BBQ)
Motto - a short phrase that describes the purpose or outlook of the organization and is available for all to read. (Many organizations also have a Creed or Purpose in addition to a private motto that only initiated members know.)
Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) - the governing council for Asian, Latina/Latino, and Multi-Cultural organizations, for both men and women.
National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) - the governing body for traditionally African-American Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities. (Often known as the "Divine Nine")
New Member - a person who has accepted a bid to join a fraternity, but has not yet been initiated.
New Member Education Program - also known as "New Member Period". The time between the acceptance of a bid and initiation. Chapters generally take this time to educate their new members in the organization's history and traditions.
New Member EducatorAn initiated member of the Greek organization whose main responsibility is to educate the new members/pledges. (Other terms: Pledge Captain, In-take Director)
Order of Omega - a national honor society for Greek members who demonstrate outstanding leadership and superior academic performance.
Philanthropy - a charity that the organization supports Community service events done by fraternities and sororities to raise money for local and national charities. Each organization has their own philanthropy to which they donate time, money and energy.
Pin (Badge)An item of jewelry given to members upon initiation. (Usually worn on official functions and over the heart.)
Pledge - an older term for new member.
Pledge Class - a group of pledges that go through the new member education program together. (Typically designated as Fall or Spring semester followed by Class year.
Recruitment (Rush) - a series of events offering members and potential members the opportunity to get to know each other. (It is primarily a process for exchanging information: Greek organizations give information about their organization to potential new members (interests). The Interests give information about themselves and inquire about the missions, philosophies, financial obligations, Alumni opportunities and membership commitment of the organization that he/she is interested in.)
Recruitment Chair - the person from a Greek organization who is in charge of each chapter's recruitment events. (a.k.a. Recruitment Counselor)
Retreat - a trip where the fraterntiy members bond and get to know each other
Ritual - the sacred ceremonies practiced by every chapter of a Greek letter organization. (Is generally secret such as the oath.)
Sorority - a Greek organization for women. (This is the term commonly used to distinguish between men's (fraternity) and women's (sorority) organizations. However, some sororities are identified as a fraternity in their official name).

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