Love the Brotherhood, Serve Others, Praise the King

Lambda Sigma Phi - Mu Chapter - University of Alabama

Who We Are

​     Founded in 2000 on the campus of the University of Alabama, Lambda Sigma Phi is a brotherhood of Christian men who strive to shine a light for Christ in the greek community and on campus at UA. The brothers of Lambda Sig are called upon to uphold the high standards set by the founders and the brothers that came before them. 

     Lambda Sig traditionally boasts one of the highest cumulative GPA's among Intrafraternity Council (IFC) fraternities. We pride ourselves in our academic excellence and push ourselves to reach new heights, in and outside of the classroom. From our house on Fraternity Row, Lambda Sig enjoys the social aspect of greek life. This includes everything from parties to our weekly Monday night bible study to our annual Spring Rave. 

through our weekly bible study. Lambda Sig works closely with organizations such as Compassion International, Habitat for Humanity, and others to get brothers involved in serving the community. In Spring 2017, our annual Crawfish Boil was held to raise money for Compassion International. 

Quotes from Brothers

“Lambda Sigma Phi is a great organization that I’ve been a part of for a little over a year now. I am beyond blessed to be a part of a fraternity that puts God first and helps its member grow closer in their relationship with him. Not only that but I truly feel at home here and I was easily able to find people who I connected with. Having the frat experience without having to compromise my values is huge for me, and I was able to find that experience here. All and all, Lambda Sigma Phi is fantastic and has made my time here at Alabama even more enjoyable” 

 Connor Ginn

“To me, Lambda Sigma Phi is a haven for Christian men who want to experience Greek Life at Alabama, but aren't willing to hurt their spiritual testimony. It's a place where we can be Christian men first, and part of the Greek system second. I have grown in my walk with Christ by being around brothers who keep Christ the center of their life, and having fellowship that we enjoy together, all while keeping the ideals and morals that Christ would have us to”

Hunter Williams

“Lambda Sigma Phi is a home away from home for me. The brothers are very welcoming and encouraging and they always help me get through whatever I’m going through.” 

Wells Jacocks