Love the Brotherhood, Serve Others, Praise the King

Why Join?

     As a brother of Lambda Sigma Phi you will become an integral and indispensable part of an organization comprised of Christian men seeking to pursue and glorify God in everything they do. Accountability is a hallmark of this brotherhood and is highly regarded as a tool to uplift one another and strengthen each other’s faith. Through fellowship and the bond of brotherhood a brother of Lambda Sigma Phi is gifted the privilege of coming to know many young men to share in the triumphs and struggles of college and Christian life and that is understood by his fellow brothers. The trust established in this fraternity is deep and the lasting, personal relationships formed among its members are priceless. Through this brotherhood one becomes equipped, through diligence and hard work, with the necessary skills to lead in his community and to mature into a responsible man enabled in his pursuits. Founded on the wisdom of God’s Word each person of this fraternity is encouraged in their obedience to Christ and share in their devotion with their brothers. As Christ calls us to glorify Him in all we do so it is with our academics. We strive for excellence and push one another to achieve and to perform at our best both in academics and in life. In acknowledging the needs of our community and out a conviction of the Spirit we are called to give back to our community and do so through local and international charities and local relief efforts. In giving back we show the love and compassion of Christ to the needy and the hurting.

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